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Apprentice Electrician

Do you think you'd enjoy working with electronic equipment and systems? If so, then you might want to consider becoming an electrician. To become an electrician, you typically have to become an apprentice electrician first. Becoming an apprentice electrician will provide you with the kind of experience you need to learn more about this kind of job. You will get on-the-job training when you become an apprentice electrician, although you can also choose to get some off-the-job training from registered training organisations such as Technical and Further Education (TAFE). Completing your apprenticeship will make you eligible to become an electrician; getting further knowledge and experience can also help you specialise as an electrical contractor.

Tasks and responsibilities of an apprentice electrician

When you become an apprentice electrician, the specific tasks and duties you have to do will depend on the discretion of your employer. Typically, an apprentice electrician is assigned with routine functions at the start of the apprenticeship. As you progress and gather more experience as an apprentice electrician, your assignments and tasks will become more difficult. Your tasks as an apprentice electrician will include assisting a skilled electrician by supplying tools, materials and equipment at the scene of the job. Stringing overhead cables and wires as well as installing underground wires may also be among your tasks as an apprentice electrician. When you hone your skills and get enough knowledge as an apprentice electrician, you may also be asked to perform routine repairs and installations of generators and motors. These include replacing brushes and bearings as well as making terminations and connections.

Skills required to become a successful apprentice electrician

When you become an apprentice electrician, it's important that you have good hand-eye coordination and good eyesight. Normal colour vision is also required for apprentice electrician jobs. You should be able to enjoy technical and mathematical activities. As an apprentice electrician, you should know how to work independently as well as with a team. Being an apprentice electrician will require you to deal with different kinds of people, so you need to have good interpersonal and communication skills. It's also essential that you are able to follow instructions accurately and can do precise and detailed work. You should a be physically fit and able to lift materials and climb up to reach objects above eye level. When you become an apprentice electrician, you may stoop repeatedly and work in small, cramped areas.